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Car Insurance Repair in Watford and the Surrounding Areas

The expert technicians at Autoprep Ltd can carry out a complete range of car body repair services, covering everything from minor car dent repair and car scratch repair work to full body realignment. We are fully accredited to repair passenger vehicles, prestige marques and fleet vans for customers and clients around Watford, Rickmansworth and all parts of the surrounding Hertfordshire area. Autoprep Ltd specialise in car insurance repair work.

Car Body Repair Services

Paintwork & Refinishing


Following panel repairs, including private and car insurance repair work, our technicians prepare and refinish vehicles for our Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire owners. We use a modern, innovative and full-sized low-bake spray booth/oven with extra height so that passenger, fleet and light commercial vehicles can be easily accommodated.


Low-bake spray booths and ovens provide the basis for clean refinishing during modern car body repair, car dent repair and car scratch repair work

We mix and colour-match high quality water-based paint materials on our computerised system. This ensures our paint perfectly matches areas requiring car scratch repair or car dent repair work, even with panel-to-panel matching. Autoprep Ltd uses premium quality, scratch-resistant low-bake clear lacquer for the perfect finish on car body repair work.

After de-nibbing any paint imperfections, should there be any, and machine polishing as necessary to bring back a new paint finish, the vehicles of our Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire customers are refitted, road tested where necessary, valeted and quality checked to ensure car body repair work has been completed to our high standards.

Car Body Alignment


We check the alignment of your vehicle framework to ensure it is safe and roadworthy. Major car body repair work and accident repairs, including car insurance repair jobs, may require body alignment using our modern and innovative JIG system. Working to manufacturer measurements and specifications, our body alignment services confirm whether the chassis and panels are aligned correctly, or if they need to be straightened and realigned.


The car body repair specialists at Autoprep Ltd of Watford will rectify or replace panels in need of car dent repair or car scratch repair work, using traditional and the latest hi-tech bodyshop techniques.

Headlamp Refurbishment


Discolouration from oxidisation can appear across plastic headlamp lenses to create a yellow-crazed opacity effect. This reduces the amount of emitted light, which gives poor visibility on the road and which will often result in a car failing the MOT Test.


We can restore headlamp lenses to be as clear as new, prepared and recoated with a UV-resistant and a quality hard clear finish, to preserve the safety of Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire motorists whilst driving at night or in extreme weather conditions.

Wheel Alignment


If you’re unfortunate enough to hit a kerb or a pothole heavily with your wheel, the alignment can be easily disturbed. This often results in premature and dangerous tyre wear, together with detrimental road holding. Our dedicated team can thoroughly check your steering components and re-align your wheel geometry to manufacturer specifications with our four-wheel SuperTracker LASER alignment equipment.


Your car is then road tested to ensure that the handling is satisfactory. Correct wheel alignment improves vehicle road holding and enhances the overall lifespan of your tyres.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


Alloy wheels are popular on most cars today but they often suffer from kerbing damage, scuffs, dents etc. and can become very unsightly. We can have your expensive alloys totally refurbished and repaired, and small splits can be welded safe. Wheels are powder-coated and stove-enamelled to a hard factory and resilient finish, often looking better as new.


Diamond-cut finished wheels and different coloured finishes are catered for to your personal tastes. Call or email us with your enquiries.


You can send us images of your damaged alloy wheels for a quick assessment; when doing so, please let us know what size diameter your wheels are. Thank you.

Non-Fault Accident Management


Our accident and car body repair centre can provide motorists in Watford, Rickmansworth and the local Hertfordshire area with a trouble-free and fully-managed third party direct claim against the offending driver’s insurance. If you’ve had the misfortune of being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our specialists will help to process your claim and undertake any car insurance repair work covered by the third party’s policy.

This can include heavy bodywork damage, panel beating and replacement, car dent repair, car scratch repair, paint refinishing or plastic car bumper repair work.


Our experts provide detailed estimates for damage incurred through our computerised estimating system and manage claims direct with the third party insurance company, through our selected accident management company, to eliminate you claiming through your own insurance company.

The claim is processed directly through the third party Insurance Company; this usually means there won’t be any excess fees to pay as you would if processing through your own insurance company. The entire process is handled for you on a trouble-free basis.


A like-for-like car will be provided to Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire motorists during the period of inconvenience whilst their own car undergoes car body repair, car dent repair or car scratch repair work.


In the unfortunate case of any personal injury suffered, that too can be processed for you through the same team. Once the claim has been approved, we begin the necessary car insurance repair work as authorised. In the case of a car being a write off, the loan car will be supplied until you receive an acceptable payment from the third party insurers.

For professional car body repair and car insurance repair services in Watford, Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire, call 01923 770 518 or 07718 792 350.