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Professional Car Body Repair in Watford | Damaged Panels

The technicians at Autoprep Ltd are trained to deliver high-quality car body repair services for vehicle owners in Watford and the surrounding areas. If you’ve been involved in a non-fault accident, we provide car insurance repair services where we liaise with the relevant service providers and companies.


We also take on private work and provide repairs for the trade and for fleet companies. Damage caused by collisions will require car scratch repair or car bumper repair work to be carried out on your vehicle. We specialise in these areas, including the reshaping of damaged panels using traditional and modern car dent repair practices.


How We Repair Car Panels


Car Body Realignment

Vehicles requiring car dent repair work after major collisions may have a misaligned chassis caused by the impact. If an estimate for approved car insurance repair work recommends body alignment, our team checks the positioning of key points using manufacturer specifications to establish whether the chassis needs to be straightened or not.


Body alignment is carried out by raising the car onto a modern body JIG system, which allows our Watford technicians to examine the chassis. If the chassis is affected, a hydraulic arm called a dozer is used to pull misaligned components back into place.


Shaping, Planishing and Welding

Traditional car body repair work at our Watford bodyshop is undertaken by a panel beater to reshape the distorted metal panel.


• The damaged panel is stripped and heated, making the metal easier to manipulate

• Hammers, dollies and flips are used to carefully reshape the metal panel

• The damaged area is smoothed out so the car dent repair work blends in with the contours of the panel


Filling, Sanding and Priming

Depending on the level of damage to your vehicle, the car body repair may require filler to reshape the panel before sanding and priming. Priming is also used on car scratch repair and car bumper repair jobs, principally as a preparation method to prevent rust or to create a ‘keyed’ surface so that paint adheres to the panel.


• A paste is applied to the surface which is shaped once the filler has set

• The specialists at our Watford bodyshop use different grades of paper to sand down the dried filler until a smooth, even and contoured shape is achieved

• Primer is used to cover the repair, which is then flatted to create a smooth finish


Refinishing and Spray Painting

To complete the car body repair, the experts at our Watford workshop use high-quality water-based paints and acrylic lacquers to refinish the repaired panel. This highly-effective method is also available for car scratch repair and car bumper repair work.


• Paint is mixed using a cutting-edge computerised system for superior colour matching

• Once the initial car dent repair work is complete, paint refinishing takes place in a low-bake, high-ceiling oven manufactured by Garmat

• After the paint is sprayed onto the panel, an acrylic lacquer is applied to the surface to protect the water-based colour and the vehicle is left to bake

• Once the panels are dry, they will be cut, polished and refitted (if parts have been stripped from the vehicle). The car will then be valeted and quality checked


Modern Equipment

As well as using traditional car body repair services, the technicians at our Watford bodyshop employ Small-to-Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) techniques which are affordable and designed to minimise material usage. Modern SMART technology, which includes the use of specialist tools and fast-drying materials, enables our team to focus on specific areas in need of repair.


The method also ensures the entire panel doesn’t have to be painted or any of the adjacent panels blended.


SMART services are ideal for the following:

• Car Scratch Repair and Car Bumper Repair – the damaged area is prepped, primed and refinished with specialist materials to eliminate scratches and scuffs

• Car Dent Repair – Dents in metal panels are lifted out using state-of-the-art tools, including rods, to restore the shape of the original panel


For car body repair services, including car dent repair and car insurance repair work in Watford and the surrounding areas, call 01923 770 518 or 07718 792 350.